Ambassador Bolori speaks on alleged Boko Haram links

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The Nigerian military was wrong to have declared me wanted alongside Barrister Aisha Wakkil and Ahmed Salkida, Ambassador Ahmed Bolori said yesterday.

Speaking with our correspondent, Bolori maintained that he had no links with Boko Haram insurgents.

Ambassador Bolori, turned himself in hours after he was declared wanted by the army.

He said he was disappointed to discover that the military had no evidence of any wrongdoing against him. He said the military made it very clear to him that he was not under arrest even though he was interrogated by a team of Colonels and Generals at the Maimalari barracks in Maiduguri before he was transferred to Abuja, where operatives of the Department of State Security Service also questioned him.

Bolori said his only role in the Boko Haram saga was that there was a time he attempted to link Barrister Aisha Wakkil, also known as ‘Maman Boko Haram’ with the authorities to assist broker peace between government and the insurgents.

He said there was nothing wrong in suggesting to the federal government and the military that they could use Barrister Aisha to reach out to the insurgents.

He said as a youth and a peace ambassador, he was interested in peace in Nigeria and would continue to work towards that.

Bolori, added that he told the military and other security agencies who interrogated him that he had no links with any foreign group or organization.

He said as someone who is opposed to the Boko Haram ideology, he runs adult literacy classes.

He further stated that he advised the federal government and the military to provide an avenue where insurgents willing to drop their arms and embrace peace can easily do so, noting that some of the insurgents were forced into carrying arms and may be willing to drop them.

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