Nigerian Army recovers militants pictures as 97 camps are destroyed

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The military at the weekend made major recoveries in its ongoing operations to flush out militants from Lagos and Ogun Creeks from where communities are being attacked.

The ground forces which moved into the creeks after the Air Force bombardments, have recovered pictures and a register containing names of suspected militants.

It was gathered that the ground forces also destroyed about 97 camps in the enclave.

A source close to the operation, who didn’t want to be quoted because he is not authorised to speak to the media, said stench of decomposing bodies filled some of the camps, although no bodies were found.  He described this as an indication that many of the militants might have been killed from the air strikes, noting that the fleeing militants might have taken the bodies of their men.

Other items found there are three laptops, expended magazines, an AK47 rifle and police and military uniforms.

“The recovered items will aid the investigation by the DSS and enable them to go after and apprehend the suspects,” said the source who added that the recovery of the pictures and names of the suspects in a register; shows that they are organised and that they usually signed in and out. “In one of the registers there are about 450 names on it.”

He added that “the police and army uniforms found had no names on them. We saw a lot of personal effects and I can tell you that the militants suffered casualties because of the stench coming out of the camps.”

it was also learnt that the profiling of the arrested 11 suspects is ongoing. One of the revelations is that four of them have been identified as Ilaje, a development that corroborates claims from certain quarters that the gunmen were not from any particular ethnic group.

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